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Last Band Standing: Game 3 (and Game 2 results)

This is where it gets exciting, folks.   Coaches down 2-0 have to start fighting now to stay alive.    Those tied at 1-1 have to assess what worked and what didn’t heading into Game 3.   Listen to Game … Continue reading

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Last Band Standing- First Round Revealed!

So we’ve gotten a few months without returning to the hallowed structure that launched LTD popularity into the triple digits- the music tournament. I’m happy to announce that starting Monday, we will be launching our 4th tournament in history, and the … Continue reading

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Music Tournament Round of 32: Division I, J, K and L Results

First of all, my apologies to Mr. Petty.  He was not eliminated yesterday.  In fact, he pulled off a major upset, shellacking A Day in the Life. Second, there was not one especially close match-up today (Van had a sneaky … Continue reading

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Spend Your Weekend With The Clash

What a great Saturday for painkillers and Clash videos.  If you’re in the mood for about 45 minutes of awesome music, kick back and follow the links below. First, an absolutely blistering performance of Magnificent Seven. Check out that sweet … Continue reading

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