Podcast #2: Finals Recap and Peoples’ Choice

Tune in to listen to hear me and Guillermo break down Saturday night’s Music Tournament finals, including Guillermo’s wild listening party at Red Derby bar in D.C: Podcast #2.   During the podcast we also go over the ground rules for the Peoples’ Choice Tournament, which will be kicking off in June, as well as other upcoming Living the Dream events, like May 14’s Marathon Day.

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Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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6 Responses to Podcast #2: Finals Recap and Peoples’ Choice

  1. G says:

    Speaking of Transformer, I’m already calling a finalist (and perhaps winner) of the personal choice tourney: Perfect Day. That’s probably my #1 seed.

    • janos marton says:

      Good choice. Something of a contextual song, but after Stand By Me’s win, it’s totally in the right vein. I’m just floored by that album- Lou did good.

  2. Kate M says:

    Hey guys-

    We can’t pick any of the 512 songs….I thought this was People’s Choice? I’m just sayin… But I guess this challenges me to figure out what is my next favorite bombastic ballad about Africa, besides Africa………..And I can’t believe U2 was eliminated before I even got my discs from G-mo that is crazy! Alright, thanks for the work guys, it was fun.

  3. Janos Marton says:

    Hey Kate,
    There are still some choice songs from War and Achtung Baby to work with. Look forward to the 20 or so picks coming out of Africa!

  4. brian says:

    nice podcast. thanks for the shoutout.

    psyched very much for the people’s choice! (i am sure i will pick some lambs for slaughter, but i gotta dream).

  5. aiko says:

    I’m browsing through my music pulling together some potential songs. Right now I’m just grabbing songs that I love, so it’s a pretty eclectic mix. But it’s interesting to listen to these songs that I know and love and think about what it would be like to hear it for the first time. And then to hear it again and again if it were to advance.

    There are definitely many songs that are amongst my favorites that I wouldn’t put into a tourney. There are also songs I know won’t go far but I kind of want to put them in anyway because I’d like people to hear it.

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