Spend Your Weekend With The Clash

What a great Saturday for painkillers and Clash videos.  If you’re in the mood for about 45 minutes of awesome music, kick back and follow the links below.

First, an absolutely blistering performance of Magnificent Seven. Check out that sweet delay on Mick Jones’ vocal mic.

The video and song both kick ass on This is Radio Clash.

A Muslim, a Jew and an armadillo hit the road to see the Clash live in Rock the Casbah. Surely one of the all-time great videos- in fact, it’s what introduced me to the Clash some 13 years ago.

Joe Strummer’s ultimate solo career song, he dropped Johnny Appleseed about a year before he died.  If you want the honey, then you can’t go killing all the bees…

Tommy Gun just rocks.  Pre-MTV there wasn’t much to a music video besides the band playing on an empty stage or overdubbed live show.

“My daddy was a Bankrobber…”

Bassist Paul Simonon’s post-Clash band, Havana 3AM, does Reach the Rock. I believe that’s Gary Glitter on vocals.

Last of all, and most touching, Joe Strummer’s cover of Redemption Song, set to the making of the mural painted in his tribute on 7th Street and Avenue A.

About Janos Marton

Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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