Guillermo’s Spring 2013 Ramble

twispQuit my job at the University of Maryland and aiming for Denver. But not before a big circle around the country. Coincidentally, Nos was doing the same sort of thing but the opposite direction and I’m sure he’ll post some things soon. However, I’ve been making videos of the journey and wanted a single place to consolidate the links. Enjoy- as you could guess, its a lot of music video kinda stuff.

Day 0: Last Week of Work (March 10th to March 16th)

Day 1: DC to Cleveland (March 19th)

Day 2: Cleveland to Bristol, Indiana (March 20th)

Day 3: Bristol, Indiana (March 21st)

Day 4: Bristol, Indiana to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (March 22nd)

Day 5-7: Wisconsin Dells to Minneapolis to Williston, North Dakota (March 23rd to March 25th)

Day 8: Williston to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (March 26th)

Day 9: Coeur d’Alene to Twisp, Washington (March 27th)

Day 10-11: Twisp, Washington (March 28th to 29th)

Day 12-15: Twisp to Bend, Oregon to Seattle (March 30th to April 2nd)

Day 16-18: Seattle to Centralia, Washington to Humbug Mountain, Oregon to Oakland (April 3rd to April 5th)

Day 19-21: Oakland and Berkley (April 6th to April 8th)

Day 22-24: San Fran to Gilroy to Ventura to Santa Monica (April 9th to April 11th)

Day 25-28: Los Angeles

Day 29-30: Riverside and Vista

Day 31-40: San Diego to Denver by Way of the Southwest

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