Janos’s 2010 Great American Road Trip

The road taken.

October 11: Chicago
October 12: Minneapolis
October 13: Bismark
October 14: The Badlands and Bozeman
October 15: Yellowstone, more Yellowstone and Missoula
October 16: Ill-faited journey to Seattle. We ended up in Spokane. And ode to Suby here.)
October 17-20:  Seattle and Vancouver
October 21-22: Portland and an Amtrak adventure
October 23-27: San Francisco and an ode to State Parks via Muir Park and Stinson Beach here.)

UPDATE 11/4/2010: The Great American Road Trip has now concluded. You can read about the adventures on this page. Thank you to all the couch surfing hosts, old friends and kind strangers that made this such a memorable trip.

1 Response to Janos’s 2010 Great American Road Trip

  1. Heather Lapin Hewitt says:

    Aha, I see your itinerary page, nice.

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