Marathon Day IV: Victory

Marathon Day IV completely lived up to its sky high expectations.  Thank you to all who came, and congratulations to finishers Orce, Democratic Adam, Angelie, Kevin B., Andrea and Matt Oliver.  In addition, major shout out to co-adventurers Gayleem, Cristina, Guillermo, Crispus and all the other folks who put in major hours of marathoning.  For me personally, this was the toughest one yet, but now I know that sweet post-Ivan Drago fight feeling.

The Staten Island Ferry features an odd grab bag of beers available for $3 or $4, but Guillermo has especially pleased to discover Peja Beer, the pride of Kosovo.

On Staten Island we once again bonded with Karl from Karl’s Klipppers.  He drank whiskey with us and told stories about his nautically themed bar.

One of our favorite photos of the day.

The ladies got things going at Coyote Ugly. Yep, like the movie.

The subway is a wild place, especially in the throes of a marathon.

This particular platform hasn’t gotten over the loss of the W line.

Gayleem wanders in the light drizzle.  As many of you know, I have a major gripe with Big Weather, and I was thrilled that Marathon Day survived its fear-mongering predictions for most of the day and night.

Katie made the awesome sign you’ve seen in some of these photos.

Four years on, the song remains the same.

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