Last Band Standing- First Round Revealed!

So we’ve gotten a few months without returning to the hallowed structure that launched LTD popularity into the triple digits- the music tournament. I’m happy to announce that starting Monday, we will be launching our 4th tournament in history, and the first of 2012- Last Band Standing. Here is the general set-up, but think NBA Playoffs:

1) 8 artists/bands are coached by 8 independent LTDreamers
2) It’s a 3 round tournament, with each round being a Best of Seven (like the NBA Playoffs)
3) No artist or bands song can be featured more than once through the entire tournament.
4) Coaches alternate 2-3-2 for who goes first in choosing what song will compete in a match (since choosing second is a bit of an advantage)

Those are the basics. Confused? It’ll become clearer as the match goes on, but here’s an example. Let’s say Orce was coaching the Beastie Boys and Jacob was coaching Bob Dylan (all hypothetical) and they were playing each other in the first round. Scores might go like this:

Match 1: Intergalactic- 84, Blowin’ In The Wind-69 (BB 1, Dylan 0)
Match 2: Ch- Ch- Check It Out 30, Visions of Johanna-42 (BB 1, Dylan 1)
Match 3:  I Want You- 56, Sabotage 72 (BB 2, Dylan 1)
Match 4: Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright- 70, No Sleep Til Brooklyn 72 (BB 3, Dylan 1)
Match 5: Boots of Spanish Leather- 57, Slow Ride- 49 (BB 3, Dylan 2) 
Match 6: Brass Monkey- 40, It Ain’t Me Babe- 62 (BB 3, Dylan 3)
Match 7:  Paul Revere- 70, Shelter From The Storm- 66 (BB 4, Dylan 3)

Beastie Boys win in 7 games. 

So then Orce and the Beastie Boys would go onto the next round, and Jacob and Bob Dylan would be eliminated. BUT Orce can’t use any of the songs he used in his matches against Bob Dylan- it’s a one and done.

So as you can imagine, there is a fair amount of strategy involved for the coaches (when do I use my sure things, how many sleepers do I actually have as opposed to think I have because I’m a super fan, etc.) But it should be pretty fun. Janos will serve as administrator for this, so this’ll likely be my last post (so I can concentrate on my strategy to win this thing.) And now….


(Also, I am so f-ing good at Microsoft Paint and FB Photo Album Screenshots)








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