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And we’re off! The Best Cover Song of All-Time, Day 1

Tonight 82 songs begin their long march to the championship.  Every night from Monday to Thursday you can expect to find a new slate of four to five matchups to vote on, with at least 48 hours to vote.  (You … Continue reading

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Tournament Day 16: Non-Spotify Day!

Day 16 Match-Ups My independence seems to vanish in the haze, feel the same tomorrow- like you see me do, slip away instead of dreaming about tomorrow. The sand castle virtues get up and get down, I’m back from suffragette … Continue reading

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Battle for Best Rock Song In History: Day 7

The results for Day 6 are below (including a tie! Which isn’t a big deal, they’ll both advance in that situation. We’ll get our 512 songs one way or another.) We had 10 voters so I think we’re getting back … Continue reading

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Track One Side One and Radio Songs: Day 3

Alright, Guillermo here back in the driver’s seat for the next two. Having fun yet? I actually really like the set up of this tournament- it’s the equivalent of having A sides and B sides to a record (no offense … Continue reading

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Last Band Standing- First Round Revealed!

So we’ve gotten a few months without returning to the hallowed structure that launched LTD popularity into the triple digits- the music tournament. I’m happy to announce that starting Monday, we will be launching our 4th tournament in history, and the … Continue reading

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RIP: Clarence Clemons

 “When the change was made uptown and the Big Man joined the band…” -10th Avenue Freezeout Clarence Clemons, one of the key members of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, passed away six days after suffering a debilitating stroke.  He … Continue reading

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Awesome People Hanging Out

Thank you to LTD reader/voter Grant Rafter, who passed along a sweet site called Awesome People Hanging Out Together. Behold a cascade of photos and videos of legends chilling out.

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Sweet Sixteen Results: Left Side Of The Bracket

First and foremost, hats off to everyone! Voter turnout was nothing short of superb for this round, and we have plenty of tournament records to announce. First, a total of 29 voters submitted scores before the deadline, which is just amazing- … Continue reading

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Whip Your Hair!

This viral sensation is more than a month old, but it fits the theme of the music tournament.    For the uninitiated, Jimmy Fallon, who does a dead-on Neil Young impersonation, covers the new Willow Smith teeny-bopper song, “Whip My Hair” … Continue reading

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Some Slanted and Enchanted Times

Pavement, Pavement, Pavement. It has been a while.  My first ever trip to Bowery Ballroom was with members of 2HK to see Pavement during their Brighten the Corners tour.   In the years since it’s been surprising how easily they’ve fallen … Continue reading

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