Music Tournament Round of 32: Division I, J, K and L Results

First of all, my apologies to Mr. Petty.  He was not eliminated yesterday.  In fact, he pulled off a major upset, shellacking A Day in the Life.

Second, there was not one especially close match-up today (Van had a sneaky little run at the end), which is a bit odd, given how late in the game we are.  As Guillermo has discussed before, part of what it takes to win a tournament is repeat listenability, and the bottom has simply fallen out for some of today’s losers.   Now, on to the results.

Division I Championship: Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty) def. A Day in the Life (Beatles),  119-109. This had to be one of the more partisan votes of the tournament- lots of high scores and low scores for the Beatles.   In the end, the Beatles blew their big early lead, and Petty advances more on the anti-Day in the Life vitriol than its own prowess.  Even in defeat, A Day in the Life makes the Wall of 10s thanks to Marc, Jacob and Danno.

Division J Championship: Twist and Shout (Beatles) def. Train in Vain (Clash), 139-122.  Twist and Shout joins Hey Jude in the Sweet Sixteen, making the Beatles the first artists to officially pull off multiple Division Champions.   There were some dissenters, but Train in Vain made it through the early rounds on a healthy diet of 7s and 8s, and lacked the punch to take out this early Beatles rocker.   The Clash are the 260th artists eliminated.

Division K Championship: Stand By Me (Ben E. King) def. We Built This City (Jefferson Starship), 151-107.  Aiko was right that Starship has had a pretty easy ride schedule so far, and their loss to a true contender was somewhat inevitable.   Stand By Me should earn one of the higher seeds when we recalibrate for the Sweet 16.  Jefferson Starship are the 261st artists eliminated.

Division L Championship:  Son of a Preacherman (Dusty Springfield) def. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison), 153-147. It’s finally the end of the road for Van the Man.  He went down swinging to a song that will probably end up with the #1 overall seed when re-set for the Sweet 16.  Preacherman makes the Wall of 10s thanks to Aiko and Kate M.  Van Morrison is the 262nd artists eliminated.

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