Post-Sandy Mold Remediation Resources

Living The Dream is temporarily setting up a section of the site to assist disaster response groups concerned with mold removal and remediation in flooded sections of New York and New Jersey. Accurate and reliable mold removal is critical in the time line for homeowners seeking to rebuild once their homes have been mucked out.

For a presentation on the Hope VI experiment, a comprehensive test of the efficacy of different methods of mold removal in post-Katrina Coastal Mississippi conducted in 2006, please click here.

For complete instructions on the 4-step low cost process that Hands On Gulf Coast used with high success, please click here.

If you have any additional questions or want to discuss mold remediation protocol in post-flood environments, please e-mail

4 Responses to Post-Sandy Mold Remediation Resources

  1. Lucas Sheldon says:

    Im a senior at Hartford High School in Hartford Vermont. I would like permission to use this photo for a website i am doing in one of my classes.

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