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Great American Crossroads Party

After some delay, here are some photos from my 30th birthday at Trash Bar in Williamsburg. The night was a celebration of music and partying.  Dylan Chandler Hume opened the show with a solo performance, followed by some grunge rock … Continue reading

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Jersey Shore Weekend: Pre-Report

Before Jersey Shore was a television show (and I am happy to say I have actually never seen an episode of Jersey Shore,) it represented to me a far off place that birthed the grit of true America. It was … Continue reading

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What’s in the bag?

Today’s photo is sent over courtesy of Grant, who raises the important question, “What is in Bill Clinton’s paper bag?” If you’re walking out the door with a suspicious looking Keith Richards skulking behind you, it’s a valid question.  Throw … Continue reading

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Tough Times for Amsterdam

If you’ve done any serious living of the dream, you’ve probably been to Amsterdam.   The city is filled with scenic canals, cool museums, and fit bikers peddling their way around town.  That’s why someone like my mother loved visiting.  It … Continue reading

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Awesome People Hanging Out

Thank you to LTD reader/voter Grant Rafter, who passed along a sweet site called Awesome People Hanging Out Together. Behold a cascade of photos and videos of legends chilling out.

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Marathon Day Official Schedule

We’re now 57 hours from game time. For those who don’t have access to Facebook to get the details there, consider this your road map to great times on Saturday. 10:40am. Meet at Staten Island Ferry Terminal (Manhattan). Look for … Continue reading

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Podcast with Midnight Spin!

Living the Dream favorite Midnight Spin will be rocking out Brooklyn Bowl this Saturday, playing Who’s Next in its entirety for album night. In this podcast with Mike and Danny, we catch up on what the last year’s been like … Continue reading

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The Silk Road Palace: The Legend Will Live On

(cross-posted at UnTapped New York. Thanks to Michelle Young for the photos.) For more than thirty years, the Silk Road Palace was a cornerstone of Upper West Side nightlife, a place so draped in legend that newcomers were shocked to … Continue reading

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Jerry Still Has It!

Check out this money clip of Jerry Seinfeld explaining the difference between “great” and “sucks” on the Letterman show.   The man is still money.

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Shilpa Narayan Wins “Singer of the Month”

Our hearty congratulations to Living the Dream supporter, Shilpa Narayan, who was declared “Singer of the Month” of the Reverend Billy Life After Shopping Choir.  Shilpa was lauded for her kindness, intelligence, and ability to dance like a demon.   … Continue reading

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