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4 Ways To Drive From Baltimore to San Francisco

I just finished up taking an hour to describe a number of different road trip routes to go East to West, specifically from Baltimore to San Francisco- a UMD graduate I worked with is making the leap to work with … Continue reading

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Puncutated Equilibrium: 9,400 Miles Later, How I Ended Up In Seattle

Writing from Ballard, a lovely Seattle neighborhood, and for the first time since I left DC I’ve actually put clothes in a dresser drawer. After 9,400 miles, the trip is finally over. Woke up on my 30th birthday on Sunday … Continue reading

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Hurricane Camp Stories: Part II (1 of 2)

Part II January 8, 2006 — February 23, 2006 “Besides, he thought, everything kills everything else in some way. Fishing kills me exactly as it keeps me alive.” -Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man And The Sea Austin January 8th: Morning. … Continue reading

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Quarter Finals: Left Side of the Bracket

Guillermo and I are beyond excited that we’ve all made it this far.  Of the eight remaining contenders, five or six have a real shot at this thing.  Back in January, an impressive win meant little for a song’s fortunes, as the title … Continue reading

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Living the dream, heading to Mars

NASA is taking names and sending them to Mars. Fo’ reals- sign up here. I got a cool certificate of participation, but NASA made it impossible to copy the image.  Hopefully their space travel technology is better than their web … Continue reading

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