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NASA Space Shuttle Launch Podcast with Carrie!

Space may be the final frontier, but the frontier will be closed to Americans for a little while, as we prepare for NASA’s final Space Shuttle launch today at 11:26am (EST). To take us through this momentous occasion I’ve enlisted … Continue reading

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An Alien Podcast with Crispus Knight

We’ve all thought about aliens before.   Have they been visiting the earth for thousands of years? What are their intentions? How would  they get here?  And if they don’t exist, how can we explain some of the crazy things happening … Continue reading

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Living the Dream Across the Universe

If you could travel through space to a new planet, even if it meant never coming home again, would you do it? This was the question Tim posed to us over the weekend after the discovery of the Gliese 581g, … Continue reading

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Living the dream, heading to Mars

NASA is taking names and sending them to Mars. Fo’ reals- sign up here. I got a cool certificate of participation, but NASA made it impossible to copy the image.  Hopefully their space travel technology is better than their web … Continue reading

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