Quarter Finals: Left Side of the Bracket

Guillermo and I are beyond excited that we’ve all made it this far.  Of the eight remaining contenders, five or six have a real shot at this thing.  Back in January, an impressive win meant little for a song’s fortunes, as the title was still eight wins away.   Now a mere three matches (and eight days) separate these intrepid songs from being crowned champions.   To bring you the quarter finals we are deviating from our usual four match-ups a day to spread the quarters over two days.

Listen to the songs of Grooveshark here, except for Twist and Shout.  Vote by commenting below or emailing LTDdotorg@gmail.com by 8pm EST on Sunday.  And RSVP here for the D.C and New York listening parties- we’ll keep you apprised of other outposts hosting.

#1 Under Pressure (Queen/David Bowie) vs. #8 Twist and Shout (Beatles)

With the elimination of Hallelujah, Twist and Shout has sneakily become the longest lasting cover in the tournament.  Also, very surprisingly, it is the last remaining Beatles song, a fact not lost on the Beatles faithful out there.  Meanwhile, Under Pressure has been sharp throughout the tournament.   The tune has few serious detractors among the regular voters, but with the recent infusion of new blood, there’s no such thing as a heavy favorite.  Under Pressure has a random fact of its own- recorded in 1981, it is the most contemporary song left in the tournament, which is a little bizarre, as much of the voter base was born in the early 80s.

#4 Baba O’ Riley (Who)  vs. #5 Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

This is as excited as I’ve been for a match-up all tournament.  These boys can rumble.  Baba’s had some close calls over the last four months, and watched its fellow Who songs flame out early, but relied on a steady diet of 9s and 10s from its biggest supporters.  Meanwhile, Queen has somehow put itself in a position where an all-Queen semifinal is a legitimate possibility.  What this match-up really comes down to is whether you are voting for the song you blast pulling out of a parking lot hungover in some shitty midwestern town where you just spent the night, onto a highway with the sun shining or the anthem you rock out to with a bunch of foreigners at Bolivian dive bar half an hour after the posted closing time. Eleven+ great minutes of rock and roll coming up.

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20 Responses to Quarter Finals: Left Side of the Bracket

  1. janos marton says:

    Here live with me, Sippy, Salem, Ballz, Matt Oliver and Brian Orce

    Twist and Shout 6.5 /7 / 7/7.8 / 8/ 8.5
    Under Pressure 7 /6 / 4/ 4.8/7 / 5.5

    Baba: 9.5 / 8 /9 / 8.5 /7
    Bohemian: 8.5/ 9.5/ 8.5/ 8/ 8

  2. Lucas Marton says:

    under pressure, bohemian rhapsody

  3. mike says:

    Twist and Shout 8.3
    Under Pressure 8.9
    Baba: 9.5
    Bohemian: 9.4

  4. Sam says:

    Twist and Shout 7
    Under Pressure 9
    Baba O’Riley 7.8
    Bohemian Rhapsody 10 (can I give my 11 here…if so…its an 11)

    • janos marton says:

      Hey Sam,
      You earn the right to an 11 by inviting someone new into the tournament, so the 11 counts for this round if you can bring someone new in for this set of match-ups.

  5. Astrid says:

    Under Pressure: 6 I was really not in the mood for this. I kept wishing that I was listening to Ice Ice Baby.
    Twist & Shout: 10
    Baba O’ Riley: 10
    Bohemian Rhapsody: 6.3

  6. G says:

    Twist and Shout 5.5
    Under Pressure 10

    Baba O’Riley 7.5
    Bohemian Rhapsody 9.0

  7. janos marton says:

    I’ve been dj’ing here, and I’ve voted already, but here are votes from Tim, Jen and Chalan:

    Twist and Shout: 9 7 9
    Under Pressure: 8.5 8 7.75

    Baba: 8.2 6 8.5
    Rhapsody 9.2 8 9.5

  8. Gmo says:

    Scores are Guillermo/Dinah

    Under Pressure 8/8
    Twist and Shout 9.25/9.5

    Baba 7.5/7
    Bohemian 9/8

  9. natalie says:

    under pressure – 6.5
    twist & shout – 4
    this took 2 listens. t&s is a fun, well-crafted, and well-executed rock song, but it lacks the depth, dynamics, emotion, and excitement of under pressure. i’d feel disillusioned if either of these came away with the title.

    baba o’riley – 7
    bohemian rhapsody – 4.5
    these are both brilliant compositions in their own ways. and although belting out all the lyrics to “boheminan rhaposdy” has brought me tremendous joy in my life, i find baba to be far more musically pleasing. i still don’t think i’d pick it over any of the right side contenders, though.

  10. lindsay says:

    Under Pressure 9.875
    Twist and Shout 4
    I probably shouldn’t have watched the video while I listened to T/S. And I think Mercury/Bowie should have made lots more songs together.

    Baba 9.5
    Bohemian 9.5
    Someone else can make this hard decision.

  11. Adrock says:

    Under Pressure (Queen) 6.8
    Twist and Shout (Beatles) 8

    I love Under Pressure, I really do. But after you’ve heard it 15 times in short succession, it just isn’t “awesome” any more. It has a remarkable ability to stay “good” indefinitely, but even the power of Freddie screaming “Can’t we give ourselves just one more chance!” loses its lustre after that many lessons. For some reason, despite it not being nearly as high in my historical esteem, Twist and Shout weathers that problem better. It’s not likely to get much more than this in the semis or finals… but not likely to get much lower either.

    Baba O’Reily (The Who) 7.3
    Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) 10

    If Baba O’Reily stopped after 3 minutes, it might be perfect. However it doesn’t, and the second half is just not as awesome. Still really strong, but not Final 4 material in my opinion. Bohemian Rhapsody somehow gets stronger and stronger as it goes. Is it a little cheesy? Absolutely – but it’s so unbelievably fun in its cheese that you barely notice it. The better question is what was going through my mind when it got knocked out in the round of 256 in my tournament…I think I was deceased.

  12. aiko says:

    Twist and Shout 4.5
    Under Pressure 9

    Baba O’Riley 6
    Bohemian Rhapsody 8.5

  13. Kate M says:

    Baba O Riley: 7

    Bohemian Rhapsody: 8

    Twist and Shout: 2- Ugh, really grating on my nerves….

    Under Pressure: 10 Been my soundtrack this week.

    Good luck Bowie- I hope this isn’t our last dance…

  14. Pillanattolvaj says:

    Twist and Shout 8
    Under Pressure 6

    Baba O’Riley 7
    Bohemian Rhapsody 10

  15. Mark O says:

    Twist and Shout – 8.5
    Under Pressure – 6

    Baba O’Riley – 9.5
    Bohemian Rhapsody – 7

  16. Danno says:

    Twist and Shout 9
    Under Pressure 8.5

    Baba O’Riley 7
    Bohemian Rhapsody 10

  17. Meghan says:

    Twist and Shout 7
    Under Pressure 8.5

    Baba O’Riley 6
    Bohemian Rhapsody 9.5

  18. DrJ says:

    Baba O’Riley 9
    Bohemian Rhapsody 10
    Oh, tough one.

    Twist and Shout 6.5
    Under Pressure 8

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