What Playlist Would Your Harry Potter House Be?

Wow, I can’t believe I am posting this, but it’s culturally and contemporaneously relevant and I’m sure some of you are Potter people- so a couple years back the creative guys over at Paste Magazine put together 4 playlists to represent what might be playing out of the speakers of the 4 houses at Harry Potter’s Castle (I know it’s not called “Harry Potter’s Castle,” but I don’t feel like looking it up.)

Group costumes rule

I admittedly never read the last book and I am most certainly not on my way to see a Harry Potter movie this weekend, but I think it’s a pretty creative take on things. Plus I’d be remiss not to mention that the only PCT song on any of these lists is my nomination (oh Otis) and it’s in the good guy house. And last, for your viewing amusement, here is a picture of me dressed up as the Prisoner of Azkaban protecting a very Harry Potter looking Mark B from a monster last Halloween.

Have a great weekend!

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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