Round of 128: Division F

Today's Voters

Votes due by Sunday, July 17th at 8 PM EST.  

Readers, it’s time for SCIENCE!  Well, not science per say, but today you are going to be our guinea pigs in an experiment.  Our current voting system isn’t the most efficient way to tally votes, and as you’ve seen from various recounts, is often prone to human error.  Today we’re going to test out a new system which eliminates our ability to screw things up (with math anyway).

There is a google form embedded below.  Just enter a username and each of your corresponding scores and hit submit when you are done.  Leave any other comments you have the way you normally would at the bottom (feel free to share your scores too if you are so inclined).

I for one welcome our new automated robot overlords, but we want to know what you think.  Any new system is going to have pros and cons, so please let us know in the comments below what you like and don’t like.  We will be returning the usual system tomorrow while we evaluate how things went.

Anyway, enough with the science (you monster…anyone?) and on to the music.  I’m spending a lot of time working out back-end stuff for today’s experiment, so I’m going to keep the post simple.  Tunes are here.

Harlem Shakes enter the Round of 128

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13 Responses to Round of 128: Division F

  1. chris roomba says:

    I use forms like this for my students. Just a really simple change.

  2. aiko says:

    I’m stuck w my phone for comments on this so I’ll comment on the voting system later because I have lots to say about the songs. I gave THREE of these songs 10s in the first round.

    KTBADO vs 2HB: the former is sweet but has no depth. If the latter lacks depth, that’s okay, because glam is all about surface appearances, kind of. And yet Thom Yorke interpreting Roxy Music is profound in my book, and I really can’t understate the influence that Velvet Goldmine has had on my life. The song gets an 8 for content, 1 for caliber, and 1 for personal significance (so yes, a 10). Also if anyone recalls what I said about Eno making things better… That applies here.

    I wish he took less time to leave in the Zeppelin song. They all sound bored and like they’re not listening to each other. Kelly clarkson has the superior lyrics. Ouch. (Mostly this song bothers me because Zeppelin can do so much better)

    A close call in the next match up, but the edge goes to Bruce. Smile keeps getting better and better, though.

    Interestingly the Harlem Shakes/RJD2 match up didn’t change with the reseeding. The RJD2 song is just fucking cool, but of course Strictly Game can’t be beat in my book. When we talked to Todd about it, he said a lot of people interpret it as a purely optimistic song which it isn’t really. I do think it’s optimistic, but only because you’re gritting your teeth determined that shit is going to get better. Anyway, I think it’s got great hooks and structure and lyrics (I’m sick of dressing like a human when I’m feeling like a leopard) and it got a 10 from me.

  3. Maureen says:

    Scoring system: I kind of miss seeing where things already stand when I vote – I like being able to see the scores of what’s already out there. Is there a way to show a running tally? I totally get wanting an easier system for doing the math though! Hopefully it won’t make people less inclined to make comments. I love reading the reasons people like or dislike certain songs or artists.

    Louis Armstrong has a great voice and I have a soft spot for the entire Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack. I liked, but didn’t love Venus in Furs.

    Kelly vs. Led Zepplin. I kind of like the song title match up too – imagining Since You Been Gone as a response to Babe I’m Gonna Leave You. Turned out to be a tougher match than I expected – I like both songs, but edge goes to LZ.

    Atlantic City is an awesome song. It is kind of perfect and I love it. Gave it a 10. Tough one for the Smith Westerns – I like this band, but not more than my man Bruce.

    Harlem Shakes is so killer. I loved the podcast with this dude – thanks for that guys! I agree with Aiko – it’s not super optimistic, it is about being tougher than the shit that comes your way. Love it. Ghostwriter is a super cool song – but I want Harlem Shakes to keep going.

    All in all – this was a pretty high scoring division for me!

  4. G says:

    Match 1:
    Even though I’m not a huge fan of this song, when I was a kid, I used to go to sleep listening to Louis tapes, so I can never score it badly.

    Match-up 2:
    #4 Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson) *
    #5 Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin) *

    wow. my least favorite songs left in the tourney head to head? Yay.

    Matchup 3
    #2 Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen) *
    #7 Smile (Smith Westerns) *

    Followed by two of my favorites. Wtf reseed… Wtf.

    Matchup 4
    #3 Strictly Game (Harlem Shakes) *
    #6 Ghostwriter (RJD2) *

    But apparently really good/though match-ups happen even without the reseed. So there we are.

  5. The Progenitor says:

    Sorry, Danno, but I am not impressed with the new scoring system. It suctions. Like Maureen, I like to be able to see my work in print and see my comments, if any, tied to the song match ups. This type of disconnect doesn’t work. Need scores and comments together, even if you can’t see the finished result or any of the other scores.

  6. janos marton says:

    Hmmm. So we had a listening party- me, Cristina, Kelsey, Anna Z, with Ilya joining late.
    Best comment- AnnaZ uprating Since You’ve Been Gone for getting stuck in her head, but then downrating it because she didn’t want it stuck in her head anymore.
    We all voted for Led Zeppelin, but that’s where the unanimity ended.

    This does feel weird, and it seems too quiet with only five comments out here, but after spending like 45 minutes yesterday entering scores, I can sympathize with Danno’s new invention.

  7. Meghan says:

    I agree with the other comments on the scoring but I understand it must be a pain to add up all the scores manually. Can you merge the two concepts- get a field for the scores that the site/google can collect the numbers for you but still publish the the scores with a comment area underneath? A comment area could be under each matchup or after all the scores. Am I hoping for too much?

  8. Danno says:

    Unfortunately google docs isn’t very versatile, however I did just turn it on so that right after you vote you can see what the results are.

  9. Isabel says:

    I wondered why you didn’t have an automated calculation procedure such as a Google form, so I commend you, but also agree with Meghan. Maybe for now, just have a link to the Google form in progress (spreadsheet style so we can see who voted what?) Or we can continue the old way, but to make your lives easier, we also have to fill out the form so that the results can be easily calculated. You can probably rest assured that we’ll give the same score on the blog that we’d enter into the form. Hmm…good luck, either way, it’s really fun!

  10. Anne S. says:

    Seems really impersonal for a people’s choice tournament. Especially since it seems like people really enjoy following their own nominations (or songs they wish they had nominated). If someone comments that they really liked a song and gave it an 8, but doesn’t provide the entire matchup it kindof loses some of the tournament feel. Quantifying is time consuming though so it would seem some combo of both worlds would be best.

  11. dj roomba says:

    I was going to suggest maybe sharing the link to the results spreadsheet (but someone beat me to it!). In terms of comments, you could also add just one comment field at the end so people could put their thoughts. That way it won’t be too annoying in a spreadsheet having a free text field after every match-up.

    On a related note: I tested surveymonkey/zoomerang/quizmo for a work thing once and they also have limitations (even in the paid versions), so I can completely understand how trying to create the perfect system with these sorts of things could get really frustrating – right now it just doesn’t exist. Keep using us as guinea pigs and eventually I think it will all come together.

    For now I think it should be said that we all appreciate the work that goes into keeping this tournament running. Cheers to the organizers for all of their hard work in providing us with a fun summer activity!

  12. lindsay says:

    I’m voting with my mom (Lori) and sister (Casey) and didn’t want to do the form a bunch of times, so we’re voting the old way. Sorry.

    Match 1:
    #1 A Kiss to Build a Dream On (Louis Armstrong) 8/7.5/4
    #8 2HB (Venus in Furs) 5/2/2
    As soon as the guy’s voice started in 2HB, my listening party gave the song a thumbs down. I kind of like it, as it reminds me of a poor man’s David Bowie. But the generic David Bowie is no match for Louis Armstrong.

    Match-up 2:
    #4 Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson) 5/7/7
    #5 Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin) 4/4/4

    Matchup 3
    #2 Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen) 5/8/0.5
    #7 Smile (Smith Westerns) 6/4/2
    Casey hates the Bruce Springsteen Atlantic City, which we actually discussed at length on a short road trip earlier today. And when “Smile” began, her comment was “My god, I didn’t know it could get any worse.” She totally deserves her Hater award.

    Matchup 4
    #3 Strictly Game (Harlem Shakes) 7.5/7/4
    #6 Ghostwriter (RJD2) 6/6/2

  13. NatalieG says:

    Ugh – just catching up on LTD posts and barely missed the chance to try out the new (high)(top?) tech(no?) voting system. Hope the kinks work themselves out. If anyone can do it, Danno can! 😉

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