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Three For Ship by Crispus Knight

“My story is that of a Stockholm victim. The Pong lifestyle came naturally to me, and I mean the whole wonderful idea of it—the aesthetic principles of the game, its sacred rituals, and intense drinking requirements; the late night binges, missed … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy knocked out power in 240,000 lower Manhattan homes, including my 14th street abode.   I have been without electricity for two days, and will be without it for several more.   With that in mind, I invite readers … Continue reading

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HCS (I, 4): Halloween

Near the end of October, Dingo announced at a community dinner meeting that we were going to go “reverse trick-or-treating.” The reality of the suggestion hit home. At this point in time, there was still no power in much of … Continue reading

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Hurricane Camp Stories, Part I, Chapter 2: 2113

“9/2/2005  9:13 a.m.  WE ARE sorry for the school, but the shelter was a blessing. We had to bring over 200 people here with no help from any Coast Guard Boats, people died and are still in there house, we … Continue reading

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It Takes a Movement: Remembering Those Who Pressured Dr. King

Though the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s exalted position is deservedly celebrated, each year brings a more whitewashed remembrance of his radicalism.   Few mainstream tributes discuss his opposition to the Vietnam War, a position that the New York Times then … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have 1,000 Friends

For those of you that don’t know, I work in the social value arm of a top-50 business school. A lot of my programmatic push the last six months has been in the area of social media. A lot of … Continue reading

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Hurricane Camp Stories: Part I, Chapter 1

Part I October 10, 2005 — January 8, 2006   “A solitude ten thousand fathoms deep Sustains the bed on which we lie, my dear: Although I love you, you will have to leap; Our dream of safety has to … Continue reading

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