Round of 128: Division C Results

Jackie Wilson may be going higher and higher, but these scores aren't far from earth

Well, this was a pretty even-keeled match, with our winners mostly averaging about a 7 and our losers averaging in the 5 range.

Our only upset here is also our closest match, with our lowest-average winner and highest-average loser: #6 seed Mavis Staples’s “Son of a Preacherman” defeats #3 seed “Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots by 8.15 points.  The rest of the match-ups aren’t even close, with the higher seeded song taking it.

Results as follows:

#1 Higher and Higher (Jackie Wilson) v. #8 Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)

  • 192.65 (6.9 average) to 153.6 (5.5 average)

#4 People C’mon (Delta Spirit) v. #5 Try Me (James Brown)

  • 196.64(7 average) to 157.2 (5.6 average)

    Bye Bye, Pata Pata

#2 Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks) v. #7 Pata Pata (Miriam Makeba)

  • 199.1 (average 7.1) to 147.8 (5.3 average)

#3 Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) v. #6 Son of a Preacherman (Mavis Staples)

  • 178.5 (6.4 average) to 186.65(6.7 average)

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