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LTD Podcast: Mark Updegrove, author of Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency

It’s spring, and that means we’ll have some great podcasts coming your way.  Mark Updegrove is the director of the LBJ Presidential Library, and the author of a new book, Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency.    During the podcast we talk about … Continue reading

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Living the Dream interview with Neal Piper, fellow Living the Dream founder

On tonight’s podcast Neal Piper and I chat about his site, Living the Dream: Inspiring people to live out their dreams while making dreams possible for people around the world.  Neal has traveled all over the world in search of … Continue reading

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Podcast with Ross Perlin, Intern Nation

Have you ever felt underpaid, overqualified or strangely indispensable as an intern?  Yesterday I did a podcast with Ross Perlin, and we covered some of the stunning stories, data and legal implications raised in his book, Intern Nation: How to Earn … Continue reading

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Final Four Podcast!

Gmo, the Doctor of Ceremonies, hosted an entertaining and uplifting conversation with the Final Four nominators: Mark B., Dinah, Meghan and me. It’s a fun, get-you-in-the-mood for the Final Four kind of chat.  Listen here. New Yorkers, the location for … Continue reading

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Podcast with Martin Ford

Automation is coming fast.  Are our political and economic institutions prepared for the upheaval it will bring?  For Living the Dream Podcast guest Martin Ford, the answer is a resounding “no.”   Martin’s 2009 book, The Lights in the Tunnel, is … Continue reading

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Podcast: An Idiot’s Guide to Your Teeth with Dr. Sippy and Dr. Dana

Let’s be real- you probably don’t know very much about your teeth.  We get trained from a young age to brush twice a day and floss, and hopefully most of you do. However,  access to dental care in many young … Continue reading

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An Interview With Todd Goldstein of ARMS

The suspense has been killing you, but fear not, Dreamers- our podcast with Todd Goldstein, former lead guitarist for Harlem Shakes and current lead guitarist and vocalist for ARMS is now up!  Click here to listen to Todd talk to … Continue reading

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LTD Podcast with Brett Martin, Founder of Sonar

It’s time for another round of our  Living the Dream Weekly Podcast.  I interview Brett Martin, founder and CEO of Sonar, one of the hottest new apps in town. We discuss Sonar, the direction of social media, and the effect … Continue reading

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Peoples Choice Tournament Podcast: With special guests Lindsay and Danno

This week the tournament has gotten back to full speed.  We’re posting one set of matchups per day, with a little help from our friends.  So come join us at the Four Horsemen Podcast– an inside look at the Peoples … Continue reading

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An Alien Podcast with Crispus Knight

We’ve all thought about aliens before.   Have they been visiting the earth for thousands of years? What are their intentions? How would  they get here?  And if they don’t exist, how can we explain some of the crazy things happening … Continue reading

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