Great American Crossroads Party

The Disposable Heroes, live and glorious

After some delay, here are some photos from my 30th birthday at Trash Bar in Williamsburg.

The night was a celebration of music and partying.  Dylan Chandler Hume opened the show with a solo performance, followed by some grunge rock from the Smalltown Cops.

The crowd got fired up by the next act, Lizzie and the Makers, a bluesy outfit fronted by a vocal tour de force.

The dawn rises on a new Heroes era

Finally, the crowd was treated to a final opening act from Williamsburg’s longtime artsy duo, Suspicious Package.

Performing a concert has been on my bucket list for a while, but a man of my limited music talents would need the help of the Disposable Heroes, a super-group for the ages.

With two of the band members performing the Chicago Bulls theme song, the evening’s MC, Crispus Knight introduced us one at a time- at pianos, Jeremy Cohen; on guitar, Mike Corbett; on drums, Tim Spellman; on bass, Matt Oliver; on banjo, Ben Waters; on vocals, Monica Morrison, Shilpa Narayan and Janos Marton.   We were later joined on trombone by Dylan Chandler Hume and on violin by Jenny Bress.

Beads and things that glow

Knight and Parisi leading the way on “Blah Blah Blah Donuts”

The set list started off with some class Disposable Heroes tunes that I’ve cooked up over the years with a little help from my friends.

During a mid-set interlude Sippy Gulati led the crowd in a lovely cover of “Santeria.” 

Sippy on lead vocals for “Santeria”

That’s when the drinking games began.  I assume we’re all familiar with the “Roxanne” drinking game, in which one team has to take a swig at every mention “Roxanne”, and the other team at every “put on the red light.”

This time, we scoured the crowd for top “Roxanne” performers and invited them to the stage for the “So Lonely” drinking game.  You can guess what the rules are for that.  Midnight Spin treated us to a live rendition of the Police classic while we competed.

Other guests took the stage, including Mark Orsini, who did a reading from E.B. White’s “Here is New York” and Crispus Knight, who performed his classic hit, “Blah Blah Blah Donuts.”  Unfortunately, Cristina and a few others missed it the first time, so he was forced to perform it again, the only time I’ve ever seen that happen at a concert.

The Heroes then returned to the stage for another set of originals and covers to close out the evening.   The finale, Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, was a real barn-burner.  We’ll have video soon, and I’ll be posting it here.

Disposable Heroes Set List:  99 Cent Store, Not So Proud I’d Do It Again, Wild Blueberry, Fat Man Walking Down the Street, Come on Bessy, Santeria (Sublime cover), The Way Into Town, Birthday (Sugarcubes cover), Blah Blah Blah Donuts (w/ Crispus Knight), Blah Blah Donuts (w/ Crispus Knight), Rage House, Safe European Home (Clash Cover), This Machine is Dying (Kittens Ablaze cover), Hang Out Medley, Somebody to Love (Queen cover).

“Roxanne” drinking game re-cap

“So Lonely” drinking game

Suspicious Package, Brooklyn legends.

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