Best Cover of All-Time, Day 5: The End of the Play-in Round

yesterdayThank you to all participants for your nominations and votes, especially during this pre-lim round.  It ends today on a mellow note; you might call it the “Saturday Hangover Edition.”  As always, listen to the tunes here and vote by commenting before 11:59pm on Monday.

Play-in:  You Can Have It All (Yo La Tengo) vs. Stay Awhile (She and Him). Yo La Tengo takes a funky George McCrae song and tenderizes it, while Zooey Deschanel takes a stab at an old Dusty Springfield standard.

Play-in:  I Want You Back (Lake Street Dive) vs. Baby I Need Your Lovin’ (Johnny Rivers).  The battle of Motown covers! Both artists slow things down a bit here, all the better to let the famous music factory’s songwriting shine through. Also, I learned the lyric is “now that I see you in his arms,” not “now that I see you anytime.”

Play-in: Yesterday (Ray Charles) vs. Pursuit of Happiness (Lissie). Yesterday is by some metrics the most covered song of all-time, so it felt appropriate to have a representative, and who better than Ray?  Lissie’s cover of Kid Cudi and MGMT has been loved by all who heard it, according to former music tournament co-chair Guillermo, who should be getting his voters into listening shape soon!

Play-in: Don’t You Want Me (Bahamas) vs. Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Soft Cell).  Don’t take covers too seriously if you can’t even take the originals too seriously!  This match-up gets weird, and it’s really a contest to see who will get taken down by Janis Joplin next round.

Play-in: It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (Them) vs. Satisfaction (Devo).  Them features a young Van Morrison against what my roommate Jake calls a properly angsty version of Satisfaction. (It was never believable that Mick Jagger was having trouble on this front.)

YOU MADE IT!  By Monday we’ll be down to 64 songs.

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3 Responses to Best Cover of All-Time, Day 5: The End of the Play-in Round

  1. janos marton says:

    You Can Have It All vs. Stay Awhile
    Alex 5: 7.5
    Jake 9.7 : 7.5
    Anna: 6.5 : 7
    Janos: 8 : 7.8

    I Want You Back v. Baby I Need Your Loving
    Janos 8.5 5.5
    Jake 8 6
    Alex 8 6
    Anna 6 5

    Yesterday vs. Pursuit of Happiness
    Janos 6 8.3
    Jake 7.5 8
    Alex 6.5 8.5
    Anna 6.5 8.5
    Bahamas vs. Soft Cell
    Janos 5 5.5
    Jake 6 6
    Alex 4 6

    It’s All Over Now v. Satisfaction
    Janos 7 6.8
    Jake 7.8 : 9
    Alex 6 6.4
    Anna 6.5 : 7.9

  2. Daddy-O says:

    Have it All – 5.0 vs Awhile – 7.0

    I Want You Back – 6.5 vs Baby, I Need Your Lovin’ – 8.5

    Yesterday – 7.5 vs Happiness – 6.5

    Want Me – 6.0 vs Tainted Love – 7.0

    It’s All Over – 7.0 vs Satisfaction – 5.0

  3. Lindsay says:

    have it all- 7
    stay – 8.5 Really fun.

    want back- 8
    need loving- 7

    yesterday- 6
    pursuit- 8 this was one of my favorites from the last covers tournament! I’m glad it’s back.

    don’t you – 8 i really like this version of this song.
    tainted- 6

    baby blue – 4
    satisfaction- 3

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