Daily Nos: The Democratic Convention in Pictures (Convention Post #8)

With my fave GQ writer, Marin Cogan.

On Friday I had the hardest drive of my life making it from Charlotte to New York on limited sleep.   Then I spent the weekend in Boston for rock violin legend Jenny Bress’s wedding.  In the next four days I have to go back to work, write an article for City & State, prepare a job creation report, host the Peoples Choice Tournament, and finish a massive law review article.  In short, colorful recaps of the Democratic Convention, at least in literary form, will have to wait.   Nothing is holding back the photos, however, which I’m posting here.

If I ever release a hip-hop album (unlikely), this is a candidate for the cover. With Yetta Kurland.

A nice shot of the stage from the floor.

One of the strangest press boxes.

James Taylor, killing it.

Though they left some of the crowd elders bewildered, I thought the Foo Fighters also killed it.

Flags for Obama.

Eva Longoria’s speech left me thinking she has a future in politics.

The Time Warner Arena plays tribute to some of North Carolina’s homegrown basketball legends. Michael Jordan, of course, was the #3 draft pick, behind Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam “Tough Times” Bowie.

With its exceptional drink specials, good food, plethora of TVs and free shuffleboard, Picasso’s was my base of operations for much of the Convention.

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Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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