Daily Nos: Speaker Quinn and Senator Gillibrand look ahead (Convention post #7)

A view from the New York delegation’s seats, where I enjoyed the soothing sounds of James Taylor.

Charlotte may have been a circus, a hot stew of politics, punditry and freeze booze, but some productive work did get done.  I broke two stories from the Convention for City & State, both about New York political stars looking to expand their national brands.  The first was about an afternoon event I attended featuring New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who looks to build a national profile as she runs for Mayor.  The second is about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s splashy visit to the Iowa delegation, and important constituency to impress, depending on your ambitions.

I also made a cameo in Esquire, part of a night that was not nearly as bad as advertised.

About Janos Marton

Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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