Round of 32: Division I, J, K and L Championship Results

What a wild round. This may have been my favorite day of the tournament.  This is the stage where all hell breaks loose.  First, hats off to all eight of these songs.  There was a point earlier today when all eight were averaging higher than 7.2.   Collectively, they received eleven “10s”.   At one point this morning, all four #2 seeds were winning. Every match ended up within ten points, remarkable for 25 voters. Here’s how the drama broke down, match by match.

Division I Championship

#2 Ooh La La (The Faces) def. #1 You Are The Best Thing (Ray LaMontagne), 176.55-173.75.   Huge upset, as the 21st ranked song (by overall tournament average) knocked off the 8th ranked song.  Shades of the 2007-08 New York Mets, however, with Ooh La La almost inconceivably losing a 17 point lead in the final two votes.

Division J Championship

#1 Midnight Night Train to Georgia (Gladys Knight & the Pips) def. #2 You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me (Smokey Robinson and the Miracles),  174.15-165.10. This was also a surprising nail-biter.  In fact, this afternoon Smokey got within .8 points of reclaiming the lead before Gladys pulled away.

Division K Championship

#2 Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) v. #1 Sister Golden Hair (America), 180.1-172.73 . Landslide led this one coast to coast, but it was never a landslide.  Sister Golden Hair stayed within striking distance the entire two days, and Fleetwood Mac, after a sizzling start, finished with a modest 7.2 average.  It did rack up four 10s, however, making the Wall.

Division L Championship

#1 Dog Days Are Over (Florence and the Machine) def. #2 Up Around the Bend (CCR), 185.6-184.15.  As Aiko proclaimed, this was a changing of the guard match.  A real down to the wire thriller, as the two songs traded leads multiple times throughout the 48 hours.  In case you were wondering (and we’ll be doing more of this in the late rounds), 13 voters went for CCR, 10 for Flo, and two tied.   That’ll happen from time to time, but whenever you throw down a hammer, keep in mind that it is an anti-democratic weapon, meant to be used sparingly.   By the way, Flo makes the Wall with three 10s.

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