Results: Round of 32, Divisions M, N, O, P

Tonight we crown our final set of Division Champions and 4 more songs must pack up their toys and go home.  This round sees the elimination of 4 artists:

Four Artists go home tonight.

Divisions M, N, O, P Champions!

The Darkness, My Morning Jacket, Marc Broussard and Radiohead.

The Division M champion tonight is K-os, who defeated The Darkness, 182.1 to 167.9.  Losing by a 14.2 margin, The Darkness will slip back into the shadows.

Unsurprisingly, the Division N champion is “Clint Eastwood” by The Gorillaz.  I predict that this song isn’t going anywhere for awhile, and not because I like it.  Mostly because Clint Eastwood is such a boss.  We’ll see how he fares against “Crabbuckit” the next time around.

With a margin of victory of almost 30 points, Dire Straits became the undisputable champion of Division O.  “Romeo & Juliet” posted a record number of 10s, with 7, and sent Marc Broussard “Home,” 214.6 to 184.83.

And in our closest race tonight, “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” just squeaks past “Fake Plastic Trees,” with Otis Redding defeating Radiohead 182.55 to 177.7.  With a difference of fewer than 5 points, this contest really came down to the wire.

Eliminated:  The Darkness, My Morning Jacket, Marc Broussard, Radiohead.

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