Round of 32: Division E, F, G, H Finalists


Voters, we are halfway through the Round of 32.  I’d like you to meet the newest Division Champions.

Division E: #1 Somebody to Love (Live in Montreal), Queen.  This song had a whopping 8.14 average in this round.  No other song as averaged above 8 in this round yet.  Defeated Jumping Jack Flash 195.35 to 133.9.

Division F: #1 A Kiss to Build a Dream On, Louis Armstrong. Defeated Atlantic City 168.8 to 158.75,

too cool to act excited about our big win.

Division G: #3 Someday, The Strokes.  Defeated I’d Rather Go Blind 166.22 to 149.65.

Division H: #1 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell.  Defeated Bad Reputation 173.9 to 152.95.

Several 10s were handed out this round: 3 to Queen, 4 to Louis, 2 to the Boss, and 2 to Marv & Tammi.

I’m smelling a Sweeeeeet Sixteen!

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