Round of 64: Division I and J Semi-Finals


OK Go prepare for battle (ze goggles do nothing)

Taking a gander at the numbers, the division I and J semi-finals matchups are looking like we will have a few blowouts and a few close calls.  First off, Midnight Train to Georgia is up again.  With an average score of 8.12 in the last round, this song had the highest score of the entire round.  Similarly, You are the Best Thing had a healthy 7.56, the 6th highest of the last round.  The matchup to watch today has got to be Frankie Valli vs The Faces.  Only 0.2 points separated their average scores and with fluctuations in daily voters, this could be anybody’s game.

Without further ado, music in the widget below or here.  Also, for your voting convenience (or maybe mine), forms are back.


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3 Responses to Round of 64: Division I and J Semi-Finals

  1. The Progenitor says:

    Must say I am very “disturbed.” Your great system failed to record my vote last night. I entered Eileen’s votes, then refreshed, and added my votes but they aren’t showing up so I will have to assume that the system failed.
    In case there is a way to get my votes in – here they are as best I remember them:
    You are the Best = 10.0, White Knuckles = 3.5
    Ooh, La, La = 6.0, Oh What a Night 7.5
    Midnight Train = 8.0, Get Off My Cloud = 6.0
    You’ve Really Got a Hold = 7.5, Home Sweet Home = 6.0
    Obviously, I made the attempt as Eileen has no clue how to enter these.

    The Progenitor

    • Danno says:

      You probably hit refresh before the “Thanks for voting” screen came up. I haven’t tallied them yet, so I’ll include these scores. You and Eileen’s votes always come in back to back anyway, so no reason to not believe you here 😛

  2. The Progenitor says:

    Thanks, Dan.

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