Round of 128 Division L Results

This seems like home to them

Voters! I must lecture you briefly! A weak showing, this, with only 12 voters turning out. If you are in Seattle I understand, because we are at last having some weather that resembles summer, so your absence from a computer is justified. As for the rest of you, I hear that you’d rather die than go outside, so unless the heat from your computers would have pushed you over the edge (and, from what I gather, this might just be possible), you have no excuse.

This will be a quick post with just the results, ma’am. I’m out at an all-day music festival so I got the bones of this up before results were complete.

Florence + the Machine stomps over the competition and earns her way onto the Wall of 10s with nods from Eileen, Mark B, and Catholic Nick, with “Dog Days are Over” defeating The Boss’s “Streets of Fire,” 104.8 to 68.75.

Creedence Clearwater Revival sends The Animals back to Walker or wherever they came from, with “Down Around the Riverbend” defeating “Gonna Send You Back to Walker,” 95.7 to 77.9.

Proving our voters still do not like getting jiggy with it or other such outdated references to mediocre hip hop, Death Cab for Cutie’s “Title and Registration”says goodbye to Diddy’s “Hello Good Morning,” 79.7 to 59.6

Goodbye, Diddy

At 2:00 PST Otis Redding vs. Two Gallants was too close to call, but “Try a Little Tenderness” hung on to its lead to defeat “Seems Like Home to Me,” 86.1 to 75..

Out of the tournament: The Animals, Diddy, and Two Gallants.

(Also I promise all the winners are accurate, but if the numbers as a little off and there are a million typos, it’s because I’m posting this from a phone.)

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3 Responses to Round of 128 Division L Results

  1. lindsay says:

    the next time you find yourself needing to post from your phone, email me and if i can take over for you, i will! it seems like phone posting would be stressful. 🙂

  2. Eileen says:

    With apologies to Aiko’s phone, I did not give a 10 to Florence and the Machine. I believe that privilege belongs to Lindsay.

  3. Mark O’s scores (man delegation makes things mixed up very quickly)

    Division L – Round of 128

    Dog Days Are Over [8]
    Streets of Fire [7]

    Try a Little Tenderness [6.5]
    Seems Like Home [6]

    Up Around the Bend [10]
    Gonna Send You Back to Walker [6]

    Title and Registration [7]
    Hello Good Morning [5.5]

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