Round of 128: Division D — Results

Good evening friends.  Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for!  We had 29 voters in Division D, with 1 new voter.  Welcome Kathryn!

Fleetwood Mac hits the Wall of 10s, but their Songbird is silenced.

We also had two songs hit the Wall of 10s tonight:  Songbird, with 2 10s, and Fisherman’s Blues, with 3.  Congratulations to Fleetwood Mac and to The Waterboys.

And now the scores:

#1 seed, Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes sends #8 Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) packing tonight.  Despite getting a 10 from Mark B. and I, Christine, Mick & the rest just couldn’t hang on.  Home wins, 217.7 to 172.

#4 A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash) defeats #5 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley), with a score of 202.5-189.6.  And with that, Elvis has left the PCT Building.

By far the closest match up of the night, with a spread of only 3.15

The Waterboys also make the Wall of 10s and move on to the next round.

points, #2 Fisherman’s Blues (The Waterboys) defeats #7 Tall Trees (Lost in the Trees), 190.90 to 187.75.  Ryan Quinnelly, Guillermo and Carrie hoisted Fisherman’s Blues onto the Wall of 10s, and Lost in the Trees is eliminated from the tournament.  

And finally, #3 Let Me Go (Cake) had 20 points on #6 Incident on 57th Street (Bruce Springsteen), with a final score of 184.8-164.4.

Eliminated:  Elvis, Lost in the Trees

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2 Responses to Round of 128: Division D — Results

  1. janos marton says:

    Damn, I missed this vote when a co-worker’s going away party became more emotional and whiskey-ridden than expected, but what a great set of winners. I probably also would have given Fisherman’s Blues a 10.

  2. janos marton says:

    Also, to the folks out there who didn’t like “Songbird”, you really have to listen to it in the context of Rumors, which is one of the great albums of all-time. Most of the tracks are about the pain of relationships falling apart, and then here comes along with gentle love song. Of course, it may have been about the tour lighting director she was having an affair with.

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