First Round Awards!!! (Part 1)

Arcade Fire won an award. Did you?

You’ve given your hearts and ears to listening to these songs that the world has nominated, and now is the time to get recognized! Thank you voters for everything you do- you make it happen and none of this would be possible without you.

Traditionally, we take time between the big rounds to recognize voters in different ways. This time around Danno will be doing a second awards post with some new fun categories, but I’ll stick to the traditional ones and put this up for your viewing pleasure. All of these awards apply through every day of match-ups EXCEPT the last round of Division P, since those numbers aren’t in yet. And now….[drumroll]….

Mick Jagger and his subtle jogging pants

Marathon Vote: The more you vote, the more you own it. These medals go to the voters that are steering the tournament more than anyone else. Max number of matches you could have cast votes for is 124.

Super Platinum Gold Medal (3 way tie): The Progenitor, Eileen, and Grant (124 matches. You three are the models of tournament commitment!)
Silver Medal: Danno (120 matches)
Bronze Medal: Aiko (118 matches. Probably could have hit Silver if GrooveShark worked in the woods. Extra credit for submitting votes from the woods.)

The Original Rookie Of The Year

Rookies Of The Year: This is a sub-category of the Marathon award that goes to voters who are new to music tournaments and dived right in.)

Gold Medal: The Progenitor and Eileen (248 votes)
Silver Medal
: Maureen (216 votes)
Bronze Medal:
Sarita (200 votes)
Honorable Mention: AnneS (190 votes), DJ Roomba (184 votes)

Bonus points if you guess the movie. Ultra bonus points if you guess who that man is.

Lover Of All Things Musical Award: This award goes to those voters who on average gave songs the highest scores. To qualify, you had to vote at least three different days. Woo!

Gold Medal: Cristina (6.847 average score, 30 match-ups. Such an optimist, CC!)
Silver Medal:
Isabel (6.837 average score, 36 match-ups)
Bronze Medal:
Gabrielle Inglis (6.729 average score, 12 match-ups)

There will always be some haters.

Player Hater’s Ball Finalist Award: I started using the PHB reference randomly, but I sorta love it now. This award goes to voters that gave the lowest average scores.

Gold Medal: bday (4.483 average score, 120 matches. This was a runaway win. Keeping us honest, and probably sporting a purple suit somewhere out there)
Silver Medal: Casey (5.275 average score, 20 match-ups)
Bronze Medal: Marc (5.356, 40 match-ups. Marc won this award a few times last tournament too. Fatherhood has not lightened his critical judgment of music.)

Song A: 10, Song B: 1. Much like being very large and throwing boulders at normal people.

The Danno Hammer: Yes Danno, we are going to call this the TDH from now on. This score goes to recognize those infamous 1-10’s that trump 9 other voters’ 5-4’s- in other words, to the voters who on average had the greatest difference in scores between the two songs.

Gold Medal: Bessaface (+3.4 points. Notable scores include 10-3 on Band of Horses over Mumford and a 10-1 for Iron Horse over Cowboy Mouth. Like an iron horse hoof/fist. If that works.)
Silver Medal: Sam (+2.984 points. Notable score here is probably a 2.5 to 10cc and a 10 for Queen, but in his defense, he wrote a solid Queen defense. Defense defense defense.)
Bronze Medal: bday (+2.917. How he could simultaneously win lowest score and be in the running for highest difference is baffling to me.)

If these guys can get along, why can't the songs?

You’re Both Winners! Award: Same logic, but reversed. This award goes to the voters who kept the song scores closest to each other on average.

Gold Medal:  Liz B (+1.445. Congrats Liz, come back and vote again soon!)
Silver Medal:
Isabel (+1.49)
Bronze Medal: DJ Roomba (+1.63)


so awesome-o

A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-O 4000 Gold Medal:  Danno (yeah, I’ll say it. Danno has been killing it behind the scenes as a new contributor, done a ton of work on our spreadsheet and thinking about our process flows for managing the voting, recruited something like half of Chicago and Canton to nominate songs, and has also been helping out with making the music on LTD podcasts not sounding like a stegosaurus’s broken radio. You the man, D-zy)

AWESOME-O Silver Medalists: Tie among Lindsay, Aiko, Natalie, and Grant. We couldn’t get posts up as often as we do without these guys stepping up and helping out- particularly so for the time Janos was out of the country. You guys are huge, thank you so much!

AWESOME-O Bronze Medal: Adrock updates the brackets, also a big help.

…and that’s all I got, but stay tuned for more awards later and for the reorganized brackets tomorrow at 12 PM!!!

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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3 Responses to First Round Awards!!! (Part 1)

  1. Danno says:

    Gah!! My LTDMT tendencies to take out songs I don’t like come back to haunt me with my own award name. DAMMIT! In my own defense, in the PCT I place 33rd out of 54 (regular voters) in greatest difference AND I haven’t dropped a single 10-1 bomb (a devastating weapon used by only 5 voters in this tournament…only one of which received the glorious honor of a TDH. You’re on watch Carrie, Aiko Astrid and Caroline!). It seems being a contributor has made an honest man of me 🙂

  2. Bday says:

    First I’d like to thank Jesus for giving me the courage to score songs so low. Second I’d like to thank the people over at living the dream. It was an honor to be nominated, let alone win two awards. Unfortunately due to my work schedule lately, I’ve been unable to vote as often as I should, but these two awards have strengthened my resolve and i will be back to handing out 1s and 2s with a renewed vengeance.

  3. The Progenitor says:

    Thank you for the awards. My wife and I are both honored, or at least I am. She thinks we should be embarrassed, so kindly don’t take out on the “Rock.” He can’t help it.

    P.S. For those of you in the Boston area, I noticed an ad for a music festival including Ray LaMontagne right here in Canton.

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