Round of 256: Division P, Left Side Results

The NASA Space Shuttle wasn’t the only countdown going on today.   With today’s results in, we stand on the precipice of the second round- only one more day of voting to go!

#16 Snow Is Gone (Josh Ritter) def. #1 Northern Sky (Nick Drake), 159-156.5.   In the closest match-up of the day, Nick Drake built an early lead, but Ritter fought back all of Day 2, winning on the final few votes.  Another #1 seed going down builds the case for Guillermo’s revamped seeding system coming this weekend.

#8 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell) def.  #9 Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire), 181-153.  Love and joy triumphed over 60s style angst.  While McGuire had some strong supporters, Marvin and Tammi make the Wall of 10s thanks to Adrock and Chris Roomba, finishing with a sterling 7.53 average.

#4 Flash Light (Parliament) def. #13 Something I Can Never Have (Nine Inch Nails), 124-105.  This match-up was painful, most people gave both artists scores below 5.

#5 Still Be Around (Uncle Tupelo) def. #12 Mis-Shapes (Pulp), 164-152.  Uncle Tupelo looked sharp.  It turns out I half mis-quoted Natalie; either way, we are both fine with the outcome- Uncle Tupelo living to see another round.

All four losing artists are out of the tournament.

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