Music Tournament Round of 32: Division M, N, O and P Results

Big announcement to start things off tonight: On Saturday, April 30th, the night of the Music Tournament finals, I’ll be having people over at my apartment for a listening party, followed by an intense Finals listening at 9pm.  As the date approaches I’ll release exact details.  Meanwhile, Guillermo will host a similar session in the D.C area.  For our friends in Africa, Albany, Boston, LA, Seattle and elsewhere- it’s up to you to coordinate.  For the Finals, votes will all be emailed and not released until 9:15pm EST, so everyone is voting blindly.

Now, on to M, N, O and P.  Limited commentary, because Astrid and Ogden’s lopsided scores helped flip a couple of matches late in the game.

Division M Championship: Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie) def. Let It Be (Beatles), 174-150.  Colin, one of our regular email voters, called Under Pressure a serious pick to go all the way.  I’d have to agree.  It had a dazzling 8.2 average, and only two people gave it less than a 7.

Division N Championship:  Golden Slumbers Medley (Beatles) def. Zombie (Cranberries), 140-137 . To the Cranberries- kudos for the Cinderella run. It is the 264th artist eliminated.

Division O Championship:  Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash) def. Fortunate Son (CCR), 155-148.   This was the closest match up of the day, see-sawing back and forth.  CCR is the 263rd artist eliminated.

Division P Championship:  Piano Man (Billy Joel) def. I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor), 135-122.   As Guillermo’s sister Maegan pointed out, unless you’re making a break-up mix, Gaynor shouldn’t be among your top 16 songs.   She is the 265th artist eliminated. I’m not convinced Piano Man has much juice left- it had the 2nd lowest score of the day.

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