Round of 128: Division G Results

Still alive! After Division F’s “Streets” loss and in the face of elimination, U2 puts together a respectable “With or Without You” performance and knocks The Shins and “New Slang” out of the tournament, 136.85-112.15. Bono and the boys move onto the Round of 64. They’ll be facing off against Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along The Watchtower,” which in turn defeated Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android,” 143.8-107.9. In victory, Watchtower will join the Wall of 10’s with nods from Adrock, Astrid, Colin, Dr J, and The Catholic. In defeat, Android will as well, with nods from Danno as well as new voter Ursula.

The other side of the bracket is a little more mixed up. To start, Bruce Springsteen seems to be an extremely polarizing artist for this group. I personally fall on the “love it” side, but as we saw with Jerry Garcia in the Round of 512, artists that voters hate on principal aren’t going to take this thing. Then again, sometimes songs grow on people over the course of a tournament (Example: my S&G “America” score in the 512 was a 3, and in the 256 it was a 9.4.) This morning, “Roll Away Your Stone” had the lead but the balance shifted back to “Thunder Road” through the course of the day- The Boss eliminates Mumford & Sons from the tournament, 120.4-113.2. Springsteen goes to 2-0 this round on songs as well as on appearances on the Wall of 10’s (Nods from Mark O, Janos, and myself. In case no one knew, Mark O is from New Jersey. Just like Bruce Springsteen. They’re both very much from New Jersey.)

Last match-up: Green Day’s “Longview” is a great example of a song without tournament endurance- awesome on the first listen, and maybe not so awesome on consequent listens. It started at an 8 average in the 512…then slipped to a 6.7 in the 256…and now sits at a 6.05 here. This wasn’t enough to hold off a Seger upset- “Night Moves” takes it, 117.5-108.9.

Out: The Shins & Mumford and Sons. Post Y2K songs are dropping like flies. I find this to be completely unsurprising, but we do still have third millenium representatives “Wagon Wheel” (1 seed O) and “Wavin’ Flag” (2 seed P) in the near future.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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  1. natalie says:

    just to clarify, i don’t give bruce springsteen low scores purely on principal – i just really don’t like his music. i’ve actually become more open to him in the past few months than i ever have been before (a friend sat me through a live dvd recently & i’d say i even enjoyed it), and i was giving him better scores earlier in the tournament. but i just couldn’t latch onto “thunder road” at all. i was initially going to give it a higher score, and then i went back & listened to some parts of it again & realized there’s nothing i really like about it.

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