Mold Removal Resources Page Back Up (Hurricane Sandy)

Just wanted to call attention to the fact that we have put our mold remediation resources page back up. I’ve been getting a flurry of Facebook messages and e-mails regarding mold remediation now that mucking in parts of New York and New Jersey are in full swing. Important caveat- the humidity and climate of the Gulf Coast are much stronger of a factor in moisture evaporation from inundated wood than they likely are in New York. However, better safe than sorry; in other words, the methods we developed in the most humid part of the country should be overkill in the least for what the Northeast would need. Check out this page for instructions on how to safely ensure your home is protected from the allergens and mycotoxins that come with mold infestation before you slap up that drywall. It can also be found under the “Helping Others Live The Dream” tab up top.

I will be in NYC the weekend of November 30th to December 2nd (Evacuteer is donating money to support a Sandy recovery fundraiser on the evening of 11/30 if anyone is interested, details forthcoming) and would be happy to meet with anyone to discuss mold removal. I’m not an expert, but there aren’t that many experts, so I guess even 5 years out of the mold removal game I’m happy to offer whatever advising I can to recovery efforts.

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