Great American Road Trip: Day 3

Another seven hour drive day turned out to be more of a slog than I thought. The scenery in eastern North Dakota is rather drab farmland- a lot of wheat from what I can gather. Day 3 was another ten hours of repetitive classic rock and mindless talk radio.  It really seems that qualifications to get onto local talk radio are pretty low.

Bismarck is a town with not a whole lot to offer.  My couchsurfing hosts were like a little oasis of awesomeness, with locally grown organic foot, a comfortable guest bedroom, and a very rare (for the region) blend of progressive politics.   They sent me to the only cool local bar in town, the Walrus, which had a good beer selection, but was otherwise a decent bar trapped in a strip mall.  The North Dakota capital building is perhaps the ugliest one I’ve ever seen, though it was nice to jog around its park in the morning.  The town was deathly still, even at 9am.   I picked up Nate Senge from the airport and we were off to the Badlands.   Now that was a story, and it’ll be up on the web as soon as I have time to do it justice….Off to Yellowstone National Park!

Oh and by the way, that picture is of what is declares as the largest steel geese statue in the United States.  Represent…

About Janos Marton

Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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