The Road to ACL Recovery (Day 8)

First PT session today. It was quite a relief, as I am now doctor approved to put weight on my leg, bend my knee, and move to more aggressive exercises, all things I thought I could do, but figured I’d wait to get medical clearance for. Turns out that unless the surgeon specifies otherwise, you CAN put weight on the post-surgery knee as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. The crutches and brace are apparently as much to warn other people that they should be careful with you as they are for your own ability to stand and walk. Not that I’m prancing around the apartment now, but it makes the six foot walk to the kitchen less complicated.

Was disappointed that my knee flexing only clocked in at 74 degrees (104 degrees when aided), but when I pointed out that it did much better warmed up, my PT pointed out that in real life you don’t get to warm up before moving around, so that will be how progress is measured.

Also been in a decent amount of pain all day, probably because of the exercises and also crutching outside for the first time since the surgery. The worst part of the day was definitely the cab rides, both of which got stuck in traffic. Can’t wait to get on the old subway.

PT will be three times a week, which is a big chunk of time out of my days when commuting is factored in. But anything it takes in the quest to heal quickly and correctly.

About Janos Marton

Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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