The Road to ACL Recovery (Day 7)

Yesterday was a lost day…rattled from back to back nights of mediocre sleep, I slipped into an early afternoon nap that I couldn’t shake until late in the evening, which bled into a super restless night that I’m still rolling off of now. My sleep cycle is not in good shape.

Fortunately, the recovery is going well on other fronts. Yesterday I performed my first sets of leg raises! I couldn’t get to ten without pain, and since I’m not trying to push it, most sets were about 5-7 each. In the knee bending exercises I’m able to get to almost 90 degrees, which is right on track.

The biggest challenge throughout this process will by psychological, not physical. The physical will come in time if I put the work in. Yesterday’s psychological hurdle was accepting that even though my brain is firing on all cylinders (codeine use is down), I simply can’t get as much work done as I’d like because I am easily worn out by the daily routine of moving around my apartment.

That said, I watched a House of Cards episode with my brother (I am not a regular viewer) and the Underwood approach is to power through, a jolt we could all use every now and then. Today has already been a productive day, and tomorrow is the first day of PT. That will be a true landmark, my first adventure out of the apartment since the surgery.

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Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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