PCT 2: Round of 32, Day 3 Results

Tristen celebrating her Sweet Sixteen spot

In contrast to earlier rounds, four very clear winners emerged early and didn’t slip as the hours went on. Leading the charge was “Sir Duke,” who puts a pounding on “Mama’s Eyes.” Stevie Wonder claims a spot in the Sweet Sixteen with a score of 110.9-81.8. This song seems to wax and wane with voter respect- from a 7.93 field-leading average in the first round down to a 6.70 in the second, it bounces back to a 7.39 here.

“Baby Drugs” will thus have its work cut out for it, although for now it can rest another week on the laurels of the win over “All Eyes On You”- 99.7-92 here. By the way, Tristen’s last name is Gaspaderek and she is from Lansing, Illinois.

The rest of the winners all netted scores over 100, and next round will herald a battle of the late 00’s. “1901” comes out on top of “September” 107.15-98.5, while “Australia” has a clean defeat of Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” 105.3-91.9. Both songs get +7 averages, and this Sweet Sixteen match should be a good one.

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