As you regulars know, the breaks between rounds offer me a nice opportunity to run numbers and do voter appreciation awards over the years. Without further ado…


Golden Marathon Voters: This list has been significantly culled since the last time around, and rightly so- it is a hard task in the hustle and bustle to make sure to always get your scores in. Congratulations to Salem, Amanda, Daddy-O, CJ Roomba, Dem Adam, and Natalie for having a perfect attendance record on voting- you are the ones driving the scores and for that we hope that some of your favorites are still in! Honorable mention to those that have scored higher than 50 match-ups: AnnaZ, Eileen, Janos, Joe, and MarkB.

I call Bright Heart Raccoon, that guy was the shit

Care Bear Award: This goes to the voter who gives

songs the highest score on average.
Gold Medal: AnnaZ, 7.89 (Anna regularly wins this award, always good to have an optimist in the house)
Silver Medal: Aiko, 7.15
Bronze Medal: Guillermo, 6.76 (I never win awards! Taking this bronze like a champ)

Murking around as usual

Murky Dismal Award: In turn, the voter that gives songs the lowest score on average- takes a lot to impress these guys.
Gold Medal (5.28): Daddy-O
Silver Medal(5.29): Jacob
Bronze Medal (5.51): Eileen





As long as you avoid the Philippines, you should be good to go

Magellan Award (New Award!) While I was driving to work on Friday I figured out a way to do this given how I’ve set up my Excel sheet. This award goes to the people that most often give a higher score to the song that wins- follow these guys if you are lost in the desert, they probably know what’s up.

Gold Medal: Alexis, 77.78% (28 out of 36 match ups)
Silver Medal: Colin, 77.08% (37 out of 48 match ups)
Bronze Medal: Natalie, 70.31% (45 of 64 match ups)


These guys run up hills.

The Road Not Taken Award: Same thing, but those that score the winner the least amount of the time. These guys stick to their guns but are not running with the current of the general tide.

Gold Medal: Eileen, 51.7%
Silver Medal: CJRoomba, 53.1%
Bronze Medal: AnnaZ, 53.8%

I’ll do song focused awards/predictions for the next break once we get some trend data. We’ll be kicking off the Round of 64 at 8 PM tonight (Sunday the 23rd) so get excited and we’ll see you in the comments!

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5 Responses to Awards!

  1. cjroomba says:

    Shoot, I thought I had perfect attendance. What day did I miss? I actually postponed family dinner on Thursday, just to get my votes in. hahaha

  2. cjroomba says:

    Also, side-note: I run a lot. Hills bother most runners. I love to run up hills. (so the caption is appropriate).

  3. Whoops- you’re totally right, my bad. Corrected.

  4. annaz says:

    oh my goodness i don’t think i’ve ever won so many awards ever!!!! *blushing with furious pride and optimistic but mis-aligned votes-to-come*

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