Tribute To MCA

Friends, as the time goes by, our older and inspiring artists and idols pass along at times. Earlier on this site we spoke about Clarence Clemmons. Last week we would have done one on Levon Helm, but held back based on The Band’s participation in Last Band Standing. However, today one of the most seminal bands in history lost its producer and bass player- Adam Yauch, aka “MCA.” I went ahead and asked some of our regulars to provide their thoughts on MCA and what this loss means to them.

“Here are some MCA lyrics that I love, if that counts

Sure Shot

“I Want To Say a Little Something That’s Long Overdue
The Disrespect To Women Has Got To Be Through
To All The Mothers And Sisters And the Wives And Friends
I Want To Offer My Love And Respect To The End”

Saw them in 94 and they played with A Tribe Called Quest.  Q-Tip came out for Get it Together.  My brain melted.”

Joe Denson
Lead Guitarist, Fuchida

“My first memory of Beasties is Beavis and Butthead telling me these guys were cool while watching this video, they were right. RIP MCA.”

Ben Waters
Bass Guitarist, Midnight Spin

“I saw the Beastie Boys when they played Bonnaroo in 2009.  They put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, interspersing their hip-hop play-list with a three-song interlude where they jammed out on their old punk instruments.   While anthems like “Sabotage” will live on forever, I’m paying tribute to the New York kid made good by picking up a 40 of OE, some Sunny D, and mixing up a brass monkey.”

Janos Marton

“The celeb deaths in semi-recent history are categorically separate from MCA’s. Most importantly because he did not willfully or through inaction bring it on himself.

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
― Thomas Campbell

Yeah, we’ve got beef, chief. We’re knocking out teeth, chief. And if you don’t believe us, you should question your belief, Keith.

From downtown, Manhattan, the Village. My style is wild, and you know that it still is.

Well I gotta’ keep it going, keep it going full steam. Too sweet to be sour, too nice to be mean. Well on the tough guy style I’m not too keen. To try to change the world, I’ll plot and scheme.

I’m not James at 15 or Chachi in Charge. I’m Adam and I’m adamant about living large. With the white sassoons and the looks that kill. Makin’ love in the back of my Coupe De Ville.

So like a pimp, I’m pimpin’. I got a boat to eat shrimp in. Nothing wrong with my leg, I’m just B-boy limpin’. (this one’s all of them at the same time)

Beatsie Beatsie Boys gettin live on the spot
Puttin all kinds of shame in the game you’ve got
We keep the party movin to the broad day light
g.e.t.l.i.v.e. alright

Wakin up, before I get to sleep, cuz I be rockin this party 8 days a week

Father to many – married to none
And in case you’re unaware I carry a gun

Got limos, arena, TV shows
Autograph pictures and classy hos

Never been dumped ’cause I’m the most mackinest
Never been jumped ’cause I’m known the most packinest

I’m gonna die gonna die one day
Cause I’m goin and goin and goin this way
Not like a roach or a piece of toast
I’m going out first class not going out coach

Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been blessed
Because I’m doing what I want, so I never rest

Got schemes schematics, blueprints on file
You gotta have dreams to make it all worthwhile.

Brian Orce
Lifelong Beastie Boys Fan

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