Last Band Standing: And then there were 6

Alright- buckle up guys, because these last matches in Game 7 were CRAZYTOWN. Three out of four matches were decided by less than 3 points. That’s a big deal. Let’s review.

We’ll start with the Zeppelin-Wonder showdown. Zeppelin has been in the Last Band Standing tournament for months now and fought 22 independent match-ups…and has successfully defended its title! “Trampled Under Foot” defeats Stevie Wonder and “Tuesday Afternoon,” 114.05-94.65! Unprecedented and unbelievable (and also makes me feel a little better about the Boss loss.) Next up for Adrock as he continues this marathon streak on top- Coach Joe and AC/DC. Congrats to Coach Jacob for a well-played match.

The U2-Soundgarden fight went back and forth, but in the end Bono and Co. eke this one out. “Running To Stand Still” defeats “Loud Love,” 97.9-96.5 and U2 advances in the tournament with a 4-2 victory. Thank you to Coach Tats for reminding us just how awesome that original Chris Cornell grunge sound was.

Sometimes coaches have to make tough choices, and strategy isn’t easy in this game. Facing elimination, the George & Wife team went with “Whipping Post” and Jenn responded with “Refugee.” One might argue that something like “Free Falling” or “I Won’t Back Down” might have been safer; unfortunately for Petty, we’ll never know. The Allman Brothers win a back and forth battle as “Whipping Post” comes out on top, 102.7-101.8 (i.e., by 0.9 points.) Well played, well played- this was a great match-up.

Similarly, the Beach Boys-Band series featured some of the greatest songs ever written, and was a pleasure to be part of. Unfortunately in the end, it seemed as though Beach Boys had a catalog a little deeper than Levon Helm and the rest. “Good Vibrations” defeats “Cripple Creek,” 108.9-106.6.

To seed the next set of matches, I decided the most equitable way was to seed based on the average score across all songs and votes. It shook out this way:

Beach Boys (6.91) vs. Atmosphere (5.47)
Allman Brothers(6.63) vs. U2 (6.60)

Next round starts tomorrow along with Led Zeppelin vs. AC/DC!

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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