Covers Tournament: Round of 64, Day 7 Results


Welcome to the Wall of 10s!

Sometimes life is extra fun and fantastic, so it gets in the way of on time posting.  Some very good friends of mine got engaged last night and a group of our friends met them at their favorite bar to celebrate.  And then I ran a great race in downtown Chicago this morning – and it is a seriously beautiful day. So sorry for the delay!

Day 7 did not post any averages above a 7, and most match-ups ended fairly decisively.  We do have an addition to the Wall of 10s though, which is always exciting.  10s are such a big deal.  This round also saw 17 individual voters.

Black Magic Woman (Santana) defeated Bad Romance (Lissie), 107.3-88.2.  Lissie had some supporters, but also had some haters, so Santana’s consistently average scores pulled him ahead.

99 Problems (Hugo) defeated Ring of Fire (Social Distortion), 101.2-88.5.  This went back and forth a bit, but beating Social Distortion is not one of Hugo’s 99 problems.


Chelsea Hotel #2 (Regina Spektor) defeated In Your Eyes (Jeffery Gaines), 112.9-106.6.  Regina had a solid showing of scores in the 8-9.5 range, so while she didn’t make the wall of 10s, she definitely looks to be in good shape moving forward.

I remember it well, in the Chelsea Hotel...

Finally, Straight to Hell (Lily Allen) defeated Blinded by the Light (Manfred Mann), 118.9-99.1.  Lily got three 10s, and the highest average of this set of songs.

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