Covers Tournament: Round of 64, Day 6 Results

A little hungover from a party at the Cuban Embassy, so this will be brief.  I’m saluting Deadheads here for boosting “Magnificent Sanctuary Band” and putting it on the Wall, with three 10s.   Unfortunately, a valiant effort in vain.

Day 6 was marked by high averages and two match-ups that were decided by the final set of voters.

#7 I Won’t Back Down (Johnny Cash) def. #58 Wake Me Up When It’s Over (Supersuckers),  158.8-129.1.   Cash has a rock solid floor, but not a very high ceiling.

#26 I Shot the Sheriff (Eric Clapton) def. #33 Magnificent Sanctuary Band, 141.2-138.6.  This one went down to the wire, with the lead changing several times.

#10 Mad World (Gary Jules) def. #55 Dancing With Myself (Nouvelle Vague), 158.2-154.3.  The frogs almost pulled off a major upset, leading Mad World until the last two votes, averaging a 7.0 in defeat.

#23 I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Al Green) def. #42 I Will Survive (Cake), 155.5-139.9.  Cake kept it close, but fizzled down the stretch.


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