Covers Tournament Round of 64 Day 5: Results

Jose Gonzalez reflects on his win

November is kicking my ass and it’s only the second.  Literally the only reason I’m up past 8pm tonight is because I had to get this post up.  So this will be brief.  I hope I read the spreadsheet right.

Janos says it’s going all the way and with a few last-minute votes, “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson averages a 7.5 and defeats ”Love Me” by Department of Eagles, 97.6 to 74.5.

With a respectable 6.8 average, ”Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez defeats “Hard To Handle” by the Black Crowes, 88.6 to 77.5.

In the closest match of the night, “Sea Of Love” by Cat Power squeaks by “Stairway To Heaven” by Rodrigo y Gabriela, 83 to 82.3.

It seemed likely that one of these ladies would win two victories, but tonight it’s Cham Marshall going home with the 2-0 record, with ”I Found A Reason” by Cat Power defeating “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” by Amy Winehouse 93.8 to 76.6.

Time for a cat power nap. Good night.

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2 Responses to Covers Tournament Round of 64 Day 5: Results

  1. janos marton says:

    The “cat power” nap line is pretty genius. Cat Power v. Cat Power in the Round of 32- the music tournament is always full of surprises.

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