Covers Tournament: Round of 64, Day 4 Results

Good readers, in case there was any lingering doubt, tonight provides ample proof that every vote counts. Two contests came down to the final submission and one margin of victory was particularly close. At the end of the day though, two favorites moved on and two fell, Mark O saw two of his nominations survive and move on, the Beatles went three-for-three.

Who has funny red noses and had a monster round? These guys.

The high score of the evening goes to Joe Cocker’s Help From My Friends, which averaged 7.2 and made easy work of Erasure’s Take a Chance On Me, 101.35-78.2.

Our second match-up was close until Adrock gave a definitive edge to Aerosmith, whose cover of Come Together edged out Harvey Danger’s Save It for Later 85.7-79.6.

Aimee Mann and Michael Penn’s The Two of Us continued its strong showing, averaging a healthy 7.1 in its 100.2-85 victory over the Gourds’ Gin and Juice.

The last match-up of the night came down to mere tenths of a point, as Marc Cohen’s New Speedway Boogie barely survives its round of 64 showdown with Jenny Lewis’s Handle With Care. The final score: 87.75-87.35.  Sorry Jenny Lewis fans. This was as close as they come.

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1 Response to Covers Tournament: Round of 64, Day 4 Results

  1. DAMN IT. I would have given Jenny Lewis the edge this is what happens when you don’t vote. it is so inconvenient when real life gets in the way of music tournament life.

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