Covers Tournament: Day 2 Results

As Aiko pointed out, I jumped the gun by announcing the start of the Round of 128, when in fact we still had some play-ins left.   The post went up after I had spent the day at the #OccupyWallStreet protest.   If you didn’t hear, 700 protesters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Pretty wild.  Anyway, let’s get to the music.

Not a lot of high scores today.  All four winners averaged below a “7”, and there were only six votes TOTAL that were “9” or higher, two of them from me.   Suffice to say, we probably don’t have the tournament champion in this bunch.

Hard to Handle (Black Crowes) def. Big River (Secret Sisters /w Jack White),  154.3-136.7.  This wasn’t a huge surprise.  The Crowes well-known cover received steady support throughout.

It was difficult to find a non-cringe inducing picture of G-Love.

50 Ways to Leave Your Love (G-Love) def. American Tune (Willie Nelson), 161.1-139.1 .  In the battle of Paul Simon covers, G-Love surprised a lot of folks with his vocal performance, pulling off the high score of the day.

I Shot the Sheriff (Eric Clapton) def. Maggie’s Farm (Toots),  159.7-138.9.    Toots’ tournament woes continue.  Clapton had the high score until tanking with the last couple of voters.  Adrock wins the battle of Smalls.  Given the many nominations from the family, this may not be the last time two of them face off.

Come Together (Aerosmith) def. Helter Skelter (U2),  152.4-112.  In the battle of iconic 80s bands doing iconic late 60s songs, the nod to Aerosmith was universal.  Seriously.  It’s hard to imagine this happening on even a #1 vs. #16 matchup, but of the 24 people who voted today, 22 voted for Aerosmith, and two gave a tie.

All four losing artists are out of the tournament.  This stat will get complicated, because it will be equally interesting to see which ‘original’ artists do well as the tournament goes on.

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