Round of 64: Division M and N Results

Again, these scores are really close and I’m meeting someone at the same time that voting ends, so forgive the lateness of the results in advance. We’ll prepare this as though the people that won at 5:45 PM were the winners, and then I’ll answer the questions on how everyone that voted after Anne S changed the outcomes:

1) Did the Darkness stare the Bowie down the barrel of his 2 point lead and surge back to win this one?

Answer: Yes, it did. “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” surges back and wins, 164.15-162.8.

2) Did K-os blow the biggest lead of the moment (5 points) and the high score of the day (xx points)?

Answer: Nope. It destroyed that slim margin in the waning hours. “Crabbuckit” takes it, 194-152.35, and claims top average at 7.46.

3) My Morning Jacket grabs the reins back from Phil Collins with hours to go, but only by half a point. Do they stay in command?

Answer: You bet. “One Big Holiday” eliminates the 1 seed, 170.2-168.4. I’d call this the new biggest upset to date. This was mostly driven by a number of voters that absolutely despised “In The Air Tonight.”

4) Last but not least, does Bruce make it 2 for 2 this round and reclaim the tenuous 0.95 point lead held by the Gorillaz?

Answer: Not by a long shot. Gorillaz build on their lead and eliminate “Hungry Heart,” 176.65-161.4.

I knew this post would be late but not this late- sorry for the suspense. Particularly with these outcomes. The Darkness vs. K-os (making the wall with 4 nods!) and My Morning Jacket vs. Gorillaz (also on the wall with 2 nods!) for championships? Go go go, music of the third millennium!

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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  1. DannoDanno says:

    It’s also of note that a Danno Hammer was furiously dealt against Bruce.

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