Round of 64: Division K and L Semi-Final Results

No drama here, though plenty on Wall Street.   Actually, part of the reasons we had so many blow-outs in Divisions K and L is that three of the winners posted very high averages, with Landslide leading the way with an 8.08, the highest average this round. Division K

#1 Sister Golden Hair (America) def. #5 High Road (Broken Bells), 148.3-133.3.  This was never close.  Thanks to Isabel and Jacob, we learned that the guitar line from Sister Golden Hair may be two degrees of pilfered.

#2 Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) def.  #6 Pretty Melody (Butch Walker), 178.8-126.  It’s official, Landslide is a contender to go all the way. It’ll be the heavy favorite to win Division K next week (Yep, next week. That’s how fast we’re moving from hereon in).   It cruised to the Wall of 10s thanks to early 10s from Maureen, Eileen and Dr.J, plus a late one from NatalieG.

Division L

#1 Dog Days are Over (Florence and the Machine) def. #4 Try a Little Tenderness (Otis Redding), 171.7-146.2 .  Otis drops another one, as the Machine looks sharp once again, posting a pretty impressive average itself (7.80).   Despite that, it will only be a narrow favorite against CCR for the Division L crown.

#2 Up Around The Bend (CCR) def. #3 Title and Registration (Death Cab for Cutie), 165.9-146.3.   Two bands that many of us like in concept, but tonight, only one that we liked in execution.  The real question is whether there is any song on Chronicle that wouldn’t be at least a second-round threat in a music tournament.  Other than “Sweet Hitchhiker”.

Guys, we had some great tunes in these divisions, but a mere 21 voters.  Please do some recruiting and get some listening parties going!

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1 Response to Round of 64: Division K and L Semi-Final Results

  1. John Fogerty says:

    Sweet Hitchhiker would get an automatic bye into the finals.

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