Division A & B Semi-Final Results

aka trying to avoid producing something like this

My favorite round is the Round of 64 because that’s when I have fun with Microsoft Paint and make these cool images that have the artists paired up against each other in one image. However, you guys are making this INCREDIBLY difficult to draft up because three different matches are only separated by 2.5 points with 77 minutes to vote, and I don’t want to make pictures that are wrong. So, to the Greenbelt Library tonight. Oh the burden we carry as authors- honestly though, this Round is when it gets really fun. Let’s do it.

Division A Championship: #1 Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons) vs. #2 Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2)

On the left side of Division A, this can’t be a surprise to many- going strictly by who scored who higher, Mumford goes 16-3-1 on this match. Belleruche may have been on the ups slaying older acts like Tool and The Mavericks, but no dice here. “Little Lion Man” goes on, 155.5-125.9 with an average of 7.78. With past averages of 7.98 and 7.90, the momentum still looks fairly strong.

Alas, the 80s battle stayed close to the bitter end, but U2 pulls it out in the end- “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” upstages “Time After Time,” 139.85-138.1 and posts its highest average to date at a 7.00. Well done, but given that gap, I’d say the Division A crown is Mumford’s to lose.

Division B Championship:#4 Portions For Foxes (Rilo Kiley) vs. #3 Sprawl II (Arcade Fire)

Generation Y music stands up and stands up strong! Rilo and Regine pack a 1-2 punch of female indie rock of the noughts and turn the tables upside down on this one. Neither without a fight, however. Adele was losing steam these last few weeks, and Jenny Lewis took advantage here- “Portions For Foxes” takes it, 134.1-132.55. Similarly so, Arcade Fire punches through on the Reservoir nostalgia and sends Stealer’s Wheel packing. “Sprawl II” with a 130.8-128.5 victory. Where Winn’s vocals failed on so many previous tries, Regine fills in the gap nicely and sends AF one round deeper on their greatest run to date. With the scores so drastically close, the B Final is anyone’s game.

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