Second Round Awards!!

Hopefully you can enjoy your award in peace.

After two intense rounds of music, it’s time to take a step back and thank you, the voters, for making all of this possible.

Traditionally, we take time between the big rounds to recognize voters for their unique voting styles. Aiko has crunched the numbers for the Round of 128, but since she has fled into nature for the weekend, I’ll be posting the results. And now….[drumroll]….

Marathon Vote: The more you vote, the more you own it. These medals go to the voters that are steering the tournament more than anyone else. Max number of matches you could have cast votes for is 128.

Gold Medal: The Progenitor and Eileen have voted for all 128 songs. You two are the models of tournament commitment! Furthermore, The Progenitor has yet to miss a vote in either round.
Silver Medal: AnneS, Adrock and MarkB (120 votes)
Bronze Medal: Janos and Danno (118 votes)


Bonus points if you guess the movie. Ultra bonus points if you guess who that man is.

Lover Of All Things Musical Award: This award goes to those voters who on average gave songs the highest scores. We have three new medalists for this category.

Gold Medal: Maureen (7.1 average score, 88 votes. Congrats, Maureen!)
Silver Medal:
asf (Adam) (7.05, 40 votes)
Bronze Medal:
Margot (7.0, 24 votes)

There will always be some haters.

Player Hater’s Ball Finalist Award: This is Guillermo’s favorite photo of all time. This award goes to voters that gave the lowest average scores.  Last time, bday cruised to victory, while Casey took the silver. This time, the roles are reversed.

Gold Medal: Casey (4.46 average score, 40 votes. Casey keeps it real, and dons the purple suit for now.)
Silver Medal: bday (4.7, 80 votes)
Bronze Medal: Orce (5.3, 24 votes)

Slam Dunk 10 Award

This goes to the voters who have dished out the most 10s, enabling some of our favorite songs to make the coveted Wall of 10s.

Slam Dunk 10 Gold Medal:  Catholic takes this one, with nine “10s” out of 104 votes.  When he’s feeling generous, you know it, especially when a good reggae tune is on.

Slam Dunk 10 Silver Medal:  Jacob (88), MarkB (120) and Chris Roomba (112) share the silver with eight “10s” each.

Slam Dunk 10 Bronze Medal: Guillermo (112), Eileen (128) and Lindsay (96) have each awarded six “10s”.

…and that’s all I got for now. Get fired up up for the Round of 64, which begins tomorrow night!

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  1. brian orce says:

    bronze medal hater. hell yeah!

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